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Jerry Zito has a long and impressive career in law enforcement. His career started in 1973 in the crime ridden city of Miami. He began as a patrol officer, and was very involved in the Mariel boatlift of convicted Cuban offenders, and the eventual rise of the Colombian cocaine cartels.
During his career with the Miami-Dade Police Department, he moved from patrol duties to an investigator in the crime scene section. His duties included but not limited to the preservation of crime scenes, and traffic fatality scenes. Also the collection and preservation of physical evidence. He was tasked with organizing and supervising a specialized major case squad of crime scene investigators. The function of this elite unit was to respond to Latin related drug homicides, police involved shootings, and clandestine cocaine labs. All of us were specially trained for that unit. Also he moved to the detective bureau, to include Robbery, sexual battery, and homicide.
He spent 6 years with Federal Express (now FedEx) as a Senior Security Specialist.  He was responsible for the security of FedEx facilities in Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Puerto Rico. Also all the cargo ramps and over 30 jet aircraft. He also tracked lost or stolen shipments. His investigation skills lead to the recovery of thousands of dollars of lost or stolen packages. If stolen, the employee was terminated and often arrested.
The final segment of his career brought him to the Port Orange Police Department. During the following 18 years, he was a training officer, Special Investigations Unit, Criminal Investigations Division, The Volusia County North East Narcotics task force, and finally as the department’s training officer.
Also, while a member of POPD, in 2003 he was sent to Deception Control Institute to be trained as a polygraph examiner. He has been actively administering polygraph examinations for police candidates and cases for CID. He belongs to the American Polygraph Association, and the Florida Polygraph Association.
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