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Harvey Morse, President of Locaters International, Inc. designed and developed the PI Management Program over the course of many years.  This program is designed by an investigator to be used by investigators as it is user friendly, offers investigators a comprehensive solution to manage cases, invoice clients, and access their reports and data in an organized and simple manner.   


The ULTIMATE PI Management Software !!

You’ve heard about it and you’ve probably seen it on the Internet! Our Private Investigator Management Program will run your PI office efficiently and professionally. Simple to use. 

  • Assigns file numbers in law enforcement format EX: (99-060001) or enter your own

  • Compute Sales Tax due between any two dates OR any two case numbers

  • Unlimited comment field for each case searchable by keywords

  • Cut & Paste from comment fields into Word® and visa-versa for report writing

  • Retrieve files by: Case Number, Client, Target, City, or State

  • Generate and print invoices on your own letterhead

  • Print mailing labels for clients and attorneys for Holidays or special promotions

  • Prints Accounts Receivables

  • Automatically address letters to Client, Attorney or Investigator with case reference number

  • Prints all Open or Closed cases between any two dates or case numbers

  • Prints all Paid or Unpaid cases between any two dates or case numbers

  • Financial information password protected for 10 users (You create/delete the passwords)

  • Automatically insert FEIN Number on invoices for quicker payment

  • Prints list of the sources of your cases (Know who to thank or what advertisement is best!)

  • Daily tickler file: What cases must be reviewed or worked today? What is overdue?

  • See which cases are assigned to which investigator and what date they must report results

  • Detailed “Target”, “Attorney” and “Investigator”information screens

  • Search Case, Attorney, Target or Investigator comment screens for keywords or phrases

  • Detail information screen for cases assigned to another PI Agency

  • Program will sit on your taskbar ready for instant use all day long

  • Many more features!  Many browse screens! Customization services available!

For those whose job is to investigate, not play with computers!”®

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