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About Our Firm


We are one of the oldest continually operating state licensed private investigative agencies, which has been in business daily, since the early 1970’s, which is just about when licensing began in the State of Florida. In the late 1960’s, our company President, Harvey E. Morse, started Locaters International, Inc., in Boston, Massachusetts, then around 1972 he relocated his family and the business to Central Florida. Locaters International, known simply as “Locaters” to most colleagues, is now in its sixth decade, having been in business for over 50 years.

Our company was headquartered around Orlando, mostly in Orange and Seminole Counties when we decided in 1992, to relocate to Volusia County, ultimately settling in South Daytona, a city just south and adjacent to Daytona Beach. Our corporate offices are housed in our own secure building, in an easily accessible location on a main thoroughfare, just a few miles off of Interstate 4 (I-4), and Interstate 95 (I-95). Our facility is easily identified and known throughout the county, by its large bright and ever changing LED message sign, a first for the area.

We are members of many state, national, and international investigative associations including, Florida Association of Private Investigators, ASIS International, World Association of Detectives, International Intelligence Network, Council of International Investigators, Florida Certified Investigator, Board Accredited Investigator, Federal Criminal Investigators Association, Florida Police Chief’s Association, International Association of Chiefs of Police and others. You can read more about the associations we belong to and why we feel it is important for any professional to belong industry organizations on this page here; LINK TO AFFILIATIONS PAGE

Harvey said, “Look in any phone book or at any website and you will see long lists of the services that can be provided by any licensed private investigative agency. What sets us apart from the rest, is that we have actually performed all of those investigations time and time again. We are not providing a list of what we can do, but rather a list of what we have done! Our learning curve to conduct intense, complex and detailed investigations is zero. Our amazing results are based upon one single thing: EXPERIENCE. Everything we do is well within the law. We have no gray areas. Our clients know not to ask us to breach that line, as we will not do it. Our results come from knowing that there are often many different ways to accomplish our clients objectives without jeopardizing our staff or our clients legal position”.

Locater’s works with a simple but thorough written contract in plain English. There are no hidden costs, expenses or surprises. We work within your budget and unlike some others, we can break up the investigation into smaller phases which allow you to control costs based upon learning actual results. It is easy to see why lawyers, courts and clients admire the way Locater’s conducts its business. There are no higher standards, greater ethics, honesty or integrity in this profession, ……bar none. We attempt to accomplish our client’s goals, quickly and efficiently. The majority of our staff are former ranking members of the law enforcement community, ranging from the federal, State and local levels. Our investigators are both male and female, racially interspersed, and some are bilingual.

When you want the very best, look no further. WE CAN HELP!

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