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Surveillance is a time tested and extremely important tool for all investigations.  We conduct surveillance for personal matters such as infidelity or cheating, child custody, and business investigations from theft of property to corporate secrets.

Do you suspect that your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other is having an affair? Have you thought your potential business partner is not being truthful?  Do you have an employee who you believe is committing insurance fraud?  Is it your opinion that your ex is not caring for your children properly?  Is your employee arriving on time?  We will help you find proof in all the above matters by deploying surveillance, and can help in many more situations.

We conduct surveillance so that we can observe the activities and actions of another person.  Our covert positions are usually from a vehicle, boat, on foot, or from stationary positions.  It is our job is to be able to observe activity, however, not be seen by the subject of our investigation.  We blend in to whatever situation we find ourselves in.  This of course, depends on our clients needs and wants, and can range from a vehicle, to a jet ski, boat, or off road.

Locaters Coverage Area

Our office conducts surveillance in the Daytona Beach area, and all of Volusia County and Flagler County.  You will regularly see our private investigators in Seminole County and Orange County, too.  We work all over Florida, and have investigators with whom we work with that are licensed in all fifty states and many foreign countries.

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