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Our Byrna HD Pepper Kit comes in a protective, zippered carrying case with everything you need to get started:


  • One (1) Byrna HD Launcher

  • Two (2) 5-Round Magazines

  • Two (2) Byrna 8-Gram CO2 Cartridges

  • One (1) 5-Round Tube of Byrna HD Pepper Projectiles

  • One (1) 5-Round Tube of Byrna HD Kinetic Projectiles

  • One (1) 5-Round Tube of Byrna HD Inert Projectiles

  • One (1) Byrna Nation Medallion

Byrna HD Pepper Kit

SKU: BK68300
  • 20% - 48% Smaller

    Being the smallest CO2 powered pistol on the market, the Byrna is easier to carry, conceal, own and operate.

    22% - 27% Lighter

    Weighing in at 1.3lbs fully loaded, the Byrna is lighter, more comfortable, and faster to wield.

    100% More Options

    Integrate your favorite accessory. We've created the only non-lethal device with an available professional holster




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