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Missing Heirs &

Genealogical Investigations

We have conducted thousands of genealogical and private investigations, have testified in foreign countries and have appeared in many local, national and international media including the Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine.

Our firm has Court Qualified Experts Witnesses that have testified throughout the United States in matters of missing heirs, heirship corroboration, and general forensic genealogical investigations.  


Some of the matters we work on include: 

  • Forensic Genealogical Investigations

  • Locate Missing Beneficiaries and Heirs

  • Heirship Analysis

  • Heirship Corroboration

  • Genealogical Charts

  • Obtaining Certified Documents

  • Expert Witness

  • Expert Testimony

  • Affidavits of Due and Diligent Search

  • Foreign Research


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