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Cheating - Adultry - Affair

As professionals private investigators, it has been our experience that when a client seriously suspects infidelity, more often than not, they are correct. You know your significant other/spouse and when there are signs and clues emerge, you are usually the first to.  


We work with clients regarding adultery, cheating, and infidelity often.  We maintain complete confidentiality, as mandated by Florida State Statute 493, and always remain discreet during surveillance.

  • Do you just want to know?  Are you thinking about getting a divorce and want confirmation?   – If your goal is to find out if your spouse or significant other is cheating, one or two days of surveillance may be all you need to determine that your spouse is being deceitful, or that they are not where they say they would be.  

  • If you plan on using the evidence we find for you about your spouse cheating being unfaithful to file for a divorce, or ask for custody of children, or to seek damages because your spouse spent money on a third party or other actions, it may require additional proof.  This would often be the case if you lived in a state where the reason for the divorce has an at-fault party.  While we are not attorneys, we often work with attorneys regarding at-fault and not at-fault state matters when involving divorce and proving cheating or infidelity.  Remember that we want to make sure our work is helpful to your case and our investigators will work hard using their expertise to get enough evidence to meet the burden of proof set by the Court.

  • Confidentiality is Guaranteed – Florida Law has what is referred to as a Statute of Confidentiality.  This is found in Florida Statute 493, which also handles the licensing laws for the State of Florida's private investigators.  As outlined in the Statute, and then also in our written agreement, we have complete confidentiality with our clients. We are regularly approached when our people suspect that their spouse, significant other, girlfriend, boyfriend, or fiancé is cheating or have concerns that they are being unfaithful. It is our policy to never share your name or the matters we discuss with anyone not employed at our office.  


  • How you can ensure that we do our best work for you, and make sure that we are a cost effective solution.   We believe that planning the surveillance is almost as important as the surveillance itself.  We suggest that our clients spend time logging and calendaring the activity of their spouse.  This will help us narrow down their schedule so that we know when it might be best to conduct our surveillance.  A complete log of their activity would would determine what day, date and time it may be best so we learn more about what they are out doing something that they have not disclosed to you.  We want our surveillance to be efficient and effective so that we can answer your questions and either confirm that your spouse is cheating or that they are being faithful.


  • Sometimes we find that your spouse, significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiancé is actually where they stated that they would be.  It does happen from time to time that the day and date that we are employed to conduct surveillance that they are being truthful.  On these occasions we can either schedule additional surveillance in the future, when our client feels that there is another opportunity or we allow our clients complete peace of mind that their partner was being truthful so that they can continue their relationship with confidence.  


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