Daniel C. Wescott is the Director of Investigations for  Locaters International, Inc. and has been in that capacity for over nine years.  Previously, he was a Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and retired after a successful career.
Mr. Wescott has extensive experience in the public and private sectors.  His FBI experience centered on white collar crime with cases which included bank fraud, mortgage fraud, bankruptcy fraud, healthcare fraud, public corruption and investment schemes.  He also handed other FBI cases such as crimes against children, bank robberies, fugitives and counterterrorism.  A production of child pornography case, wherein he was the FBI Case Agent, resulted in the largest forfeiture in history for the United States Department of Justice in a crimes against children case.
During his nine years of private investigation experience Mr. Wescott has handled all types of civil matters such as insurance defense to corporate due diligence, litigation support, extensive background investigations, child custody and alimony reduction.  Mr. Wescott has also led employee theft, and missing persons investigations, all of which led to quality results for clients.
Prior to the FBI, Mr. Wescott was a bank loan officer and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance.  He also served four years active duty in the United States Air Force as a Tactical Air Command and Control Specialist.