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Asset Searches &

Asset Checks

We have conducted thousands of asset searches since our agency began almost 50 years ago, and these have been in Florida, throughout the United States and across the globe, internationally. 


We can locate assets from property, vehicles, vessels, corporations and other tangible items.  We also have the capability to do additional asset searches which we can discuss should your be desirous of additional items. 

We conduct these for:

  • Litigants

  • Attorneys

  • Investors

  • Debt Collectors

  • Finance Companies

While there are many individuals and businesses that use our services, attorneys are often the ones who benefit the most from our searches so that they can assist their clients to obtain a judgment, collecting on a judgment, or in anticipation of a lawsuit.  

We are also hired regularly to complete an asset search prior to a lawsuit to ensure that there will be assets to either collect, seize, liquidate so that time is not wasted putting your good money towards a lawsuit that may not be fruitful.  

Our experienced investigators are here to help you identify and locate assets.

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