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Alimony Reduction

If you are seeking an adjustment in your alimony, we may be able to help you.

Alimony is “spousal support” paid to a former spouse and can be modified from time to time. The evidence our investigators can collect during an alimony reduction  or cohabitation investigation often assist our clients who are obligated to pay monthly alimony or annual alimony when asking for a reduction in alimony for a variety of reasons.

You may feel as though you are paying too much in spousal support, considering a change in your former spouse’s living circumstances. On the other hand, feel that your former spouse is not paying you as much support as they should, considering a change in their income or circumstances. 


If you have suspicions that your ex-husband or ex-wife  is not paying you a fair amount of alimony, or that a change in your ex-spouse's circumstances warrants an alimony modification or reduction on your end, it it time you contact us to see how we can help you. 


How can we help you?


Our private investigator can look into your former spouse’s living situation and help make determinations about whether there has been a change in their lifestyle that may alter your original agreement.

If you would like to pursue an alimony reduction in Florida, our investigators can help determine the following: 

  • The spouse is less in need, either due to higher income or through other  financial gain.

  • Your ex-spouse is now being financially supported by another partner after your divorce.

  • Your ex-spouse has obtained a new job or employment

  • Your ex-spouse receives cash payments for work, without reporting it on their taxes.

  • Has a non-relative person who lives with / or contributes to the household

  • Your ex-spouse is misusing the alimony payment

  • Your ex-spouse is now earning a higher income.

  • Your ex-spouse has  financial gain, and is now capable of providing you with more support

  • Your ex-spouse has a business that they are operating in their home.

  • Your ex-spouse has a lower cost of living, enabling them  increase their amount of support 


Locaters International, Inc, will gather  evidence regarding your former spouse’s living situation so that it may be used to assist you and your attorney make provide enough information to the Court to substantiate your claim in aide of modification.  

When you enlist the help of our licensed and professional private investigators you will have peace of mind to know that your situation will be handled professionally and with discretion.

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