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HARVEY E. MORSE – BAI, CII, CMI  is President of Locaters International, Inc. ® and Chairman of Morse Genealogical Services, LLC ™, has served ten consecutive years as Chair of the State of Florida’s Division of Licensing Advisory Board, is a sworn law enforcement officer, a state certified training instructor, Past Chair of the BBB of Central Florida, Founder of the Florida Association of Private Investigators, Inc., and continues to serve on many civic, charitable, law enforcement and private investigative organizations. He has over 50 years of investigative experience. He is a graduate of Boston University, the Florida Police Academy, attended Suffolk University Law School, is a public speaker, conducts seminars for lawyers, and is the recipient of numerous professional awards and commendations, including the Florida Senate.
Harvey E. Morse began his investigative career in Massachusetts after graduating Boston University and then attending Suffolk University Law School. In the early 1970’s he moved to Florida and commenced operations as President of Locaters International, Inc. which has been actively engaged in traditional investigations since it was founded.
Harvey has been the President, an Officer or Board member of just about every organization there is in this field. He has served as the peer elected Chairman of the PSAC (now PIRSAC) for ten consecutive terms, a record that is now statutorily impossible for anyone to ever again attain, after having been appointed to that body by the Secretary of State.  Over the course of his career, Harvey has been instrumental in writing and interpreting legislation for the industry, even becoming a Lobbyist to assure passage or change.
Nothing gives Harvey more pleasure than to mentor and answer questions for those who are new private investigators. He always shares his years and wealth of information freely and openly, and is a person who can always be counted upon when a friend or a favor is needed. He will never say that he is too busy to help. As far as “war stories” are concerned, sit him down, give him a topic and you can almost be assured he has “been there and done that”. Over the years he has assisted countless people in becoming licensed, has done public speaking, training, radio and TV shows. He has even been the State’s “Expert” witness in private investigation issues.
Harvey has always set his standards at the highest level and bases his existence on integrity, honesty and experience. He believes that reputation is everything and there is no case that is ever worthwhile for any private investigator to compromise his character.
In addition to sharing his knowledge, he developed and created a software program to run his offices. One day another investigator asked if he could have a copy. In Harvey’s true tradition he said, “sure”. That simple gesture of trying to help a competitor become more professional has resulted in over 1,000 copies of his program to assist others in the management of their offices.
Harvey also graduated the full Florida police academy, first in his class of 82 candidates and is a sworn law enforcement officer having been an Assistant Chief and currently serves as a police Investigator. Because of his never-ending obsession with fairness, justice, or the appearance of an impropriety, his investigative firm does not currently accept criminal matters. The list of professional organizations to which he belongs today or has belonged to in the past is simply far too vast to list here, but it is available upon request.
Harvey has spent over 50 years as an investigator championing our cause for professional, respectful recognition and the universal acceptance of private investigative services, worldwide. He is the Founder of the Florida Association of Private Investigators, Inc., (FAPI) and also the Board Accredited Investigator (BAI) program.
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